Are you wasting valuable time and money due to disorganization?
Are you tired from the frustration and stress of being disorganized?
Are you overwhelmed with a project such as clearing out your home 
or the home of a lost love one?
As a professional organizer, my services range from; 1) developing
a plan to enable you to do the project by yourself;  2) helping you to 
get started with the project; 3) working along with you until the project
is completed.

The result will be a living and work enviroment that will allow you to be 
more productive and serene.  You will gain a sense of security when
you stop wasting time looking for things you cannot find and then waste money when you purchase a duplicate. In addition, you will be content knowing you will be able to find what you want when you need it.  Finally, you will be satisfied because a longstanding project is completed.

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       Margot Molnar
Professional Organizer
 Serving Ulster, Orange, Dutchess and Greene Co. of the Hudson Valley